Terry Norris founded Aircraft Systems, Inc. in 1970, specializing in the repairing, overhauling and troubleshooting of general aviation aircraft accessories. Aircraft Systems is a highly respected company, known for its professionalism, reliability, and dedication to maintenance safety, traits directly attributed to Terry. He and his associates are noted for their ability to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly and expertly.

Professionally, Terry has been a long standing member of the local Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA), serving as an officer and receiving the PAMA/ATP award for professionalism as well as the F.A.A. “Technician of the Year” award. In addition, Terry was recently presented with the F.A.A. "Charles Taylor" Master Mechanic Award, acknowledging his many years of professionalism and dedication to the aviation industry. He continues to promote aviation education and safety by conducting I.A. training seminars in conjunction with the F.A.A.

His interest in aviation began in Cedar Lake, Indiana in 1949. His fascination with aircraft flying in and out of the local airport landed him a job as a “line boy” at the age of 14. This job further inspired him to pursue his interest in the field of aviation.

In 1954, Terry began his first job as an certified mechanic working for an FBO located at the Gary, Indiana airport. He moved on to Schneck Aviation in Lansing, which later merged with Hartzog Aviation in Rockford, Illinois. During this time, Terry established himself as being extremely knowledgeable in regards to aircraft powerplant & accessory maintenance and he increased that knowledge with a stint at Woodward Governor, a manufacturer of aircraft control systems.

Today, Terry remains active in the daily maintenance and management operations of Aircraft Systems, with customer service and satisfaction remaining his first priority.

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