Years of Service

Dan Peter
Since 1976
  Starter/Generators, DC Generators, Electric fuelpumps, Landing gear motors, Carburetors, Stand-by generators, Boost pumps.

Jeff Norris
Since 1970

Heaters, Vacuum pumps, Blowers, Electric motors, Actuators, Landing gear motors, Flap motors, Tachgenerators.

Mike Darden
Since 1983

Delco starters, Prestolite starters, Engine driven fuel pumps, Governors.

Terry Norris, Jr.
Since 1986

Starter/Generators, Magnetos, Alternators, Accumulators, Tach drive cables, Administration.

Dave Harshbarger
Since 1987

Alternators, Magnetos, Electric motors/landing gear, Voltage regulators, Delco generators, Electrical troubleshooting. Licensed aircraft mechanic since 1977.

Years of Service

Sandy Gryder
Since 1983
  Office Manager, Supervisor

Jason Moyer
Since 1998

Office/Accounting Manager

Mike Gryder
Since 1994


Building & Grounds Maintenance

Since 1998

Rodent Control, Security

Operations Specifications (PDF)